melting snow

No-one noticed the extent to which the dauphinoise were cooked and we even got away with the sticky toffee pudding by cutting off the edges. Some of the tops were at a jaunty angle so I suggested we serve the pieces on their sides until we saw how black the base was! Only one guest appeared to have noticed but had scraped off the whole of the top leaving only the charcoal undercarriage but beyond that it was as well received as any other week. I was a little concerned that the guest who had been present when we’d raced back declined to even start his, claiming to be too full, but his saved piece had disappeared by the next morning.

The snow continues to melt a-pace. The roads and paths are completely clear. The snow hills created by the diggers are being cleared and cars which have been buried in car parks for the past few weeks are emerging and even driven off. Many other non-surfaced places are becoming increasingly muddy. It was with some relief that we’d had a frost so the quagmire that was our car park, which we need to cross on exit, was frozen solid in the morning although muddy again by lunchtime. One of the main drawbacks to the melt is the 6-8 weeks of cryogenically preserved dog poo all appearing at the same time! The French don’t poop scoop. Kat’s Dad was thanked profusely when seen clearing up after their dogs. Chiens seem to be as arrogant as the stereotype of their owners. There are several we meet on a regular basis en route to and from work, they show absolutely no interest in humans at all; debris from the bin stores or restaurants are much more attractive even though they don’t appear to be strays.

Our path across the snow by the chalet is losing it’s stability and we are finding ourselves occasionally sinking in as the crust gives way. There is a little pile of detritus outside one of the windows which, to those of us who know, represents the remnants of a large snowman built when the first heavy snows came at the beginning of January. The carrot is still in the correct juxtaposition to the eye stones. This week’s guests even asked if they were our final booking of the season. They have been quite extrovert all week and not even fading in the usual style as the week progresses. Their final day has involved skiing attired in the nuns’ outfits they all wore on the first evening but now with the addition of a pope and a jesus!IMAG0776IMAG0778 I have mellowed somewhat in my attitude to them. Last night they pleaded with us to have a later breakfast this morning as there were no lessons to rush off to. We had no particular plans anyway so agreed to serve 9-10 instead of the usual 8-9am which enabled us to have an extra hour in bed this morning even if it did reduce our afternoon by an hour but was worth the extra 1/2 hour sleep and then enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee in bed before getting up for work and they’d still left by 9.30 so win/win.

The snow has started again this afternoon, everything is becoming cleansed. The forecast is for between 1 and 23cms depending which one you read (or prefer). We need a good few inches to re-erect the privacy barrier outside our accom window which is a little bit public without this wall of snow which also discourages people from walking past. The lower slopes certainly need it and the route back to the chalet is becoming quite bare in places and it’s a real pain to have to walk in ski boots carrying skis so fingers crossed.

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