New chalet

We are settling into our new chalet. It is very bijou and rather nice without guests! 2 couples and their combined 6 children do seem to impose somewhat. It was surprisingly tricky to take up in a new abode from where we’d left off in Breche. It was even a bit of a wrench to leave it in the hands of our colleagues but with less than an hour’s break yesterday and pinging back and forth between the two to pick up what we’d left behind but also to supplement the equipment deficit with just the odd saucepan or 2 I don’t really feel to have left yet. In fact I’m sitting on the sofa there, using the internet to write this, so we’ve not really left at all and we’ll be moving back in next weekend.

We’ve just been up on the hill again in the glorious sunshine. The slopes are almost deserted so its like a private ski resort in places and no queues at all. Even Le Spot was so quiet we had a choice of where to sit and snooze. The views haven’t diminished though and there is a carpet of tiny, almost transparent crocii (crocuses) everywhere, just with a vague tint of lilac.IMAG0830IMAG0832IMAG0833 The snow at the top is as good as ever and we have to negotiate this feat of engineering at 2800m where the gondola berths beside a quay reaching out into nothing. No good for those with a touch of vertigo!

Walking across the grating

Walking across the grating

I struggled to get close enough to the edge to take this

I struggled to get close enough to the edge to take this

Don't look down!

Don’t look down!

The 'drop' for a mere 160 people per trip

The ‘drop’ for a mere 160 people per trip

We were sorry to see Nik and the guys leave but it had been a great week to finish on ( I know we haven’t actually finished but it feels like that was the last proper week). This week Undies closes so that’s going to be a bit of a bash tomorrow apparently. It’s been brought forward from Weds which is good as it’ll be our day off afterwards instead of having to be up even earlier to do breakfast. Because we have children going to kids club we have to have it ready for 7.30am so a slightly earlier start but we are a few minutes closer to the flat. The building had been a hotel but has been divided into 3 chalets; ground and first floor, second floor and third, we are the middle one in this picture, behind the big fir tree. I’ll get some photos of the inside when it’s clean and tidy!IMAG0835

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