Nights Out

Well we went out 3 times last week, we’ve not managed that since the early days. We had our usual Tuesday evening drink but also had a farewell ‘do’ for Amy who we had trouble locating when we left the evening earlier than the rest of them and was a little surprised to find her dancing on the tables complete with splint. I guess she felt that she couldn’t do more damage or if she did it wouldn’t make matters any worse than they already were. Our third night out was on Friday when I gave Roger an early leave pass to go to watch the England v Wales match at Underground and joined him towards half time after completing the clearing up, lots of brownie points there and probably more to come!

We really enjoyed this past week, it was considerably easier only having 11 guests and felt like a real rest. We actually made it out the chalet by 11.30 one morning and completed an 8 and a quarter hour day, a new record for us. But finding out that we would be full again this week made us realise that this success was short lived. Changeover day was compounded by flight times and we had 6 guests still not departed after the arrival of a party of 14 plus a mother and son. By the time the last departees had left and the new arrivals had settled in we did manage to steal an hour’s break but as this was barely time to get to the flat and back we just went for a hot chocolate at O bar taking some left over cake which bought us the drinks.

We had to drag ourselves back to the chalet after the warmth of the bar and knew it was going to be a challenging week with the arrival of 14 young go-getters with plenty on money to spare judging by the number of bottles of Veuve Clicquot which arrived with their luggage. Actually, only 13 turned up because one of the couples had split up prior to the holiday. The mother and son have since moved over to another chalet (at 10.30pm on arrival day as she was offended by their dinner table conversation. Fortunately she hadn’t been around when they were playing Cards Against Humanity!!) So whilst we are busier than last week, 13 is more manageable, particularly when they seem to be very contrite. They are not a bad bunch at all, perhaps just a bit over exurberant on their first night of their holiday but have slackened the pace considerably now.

Our weekly staff meeting had been cancelled the previous week so we weren’t too surprised to get a call to tell us it was rescheduled for Monday afternoon. What we didn’t expect was for it to be a full team meeting as usually it’s just us hosts. Word had leaked out prior to the effect that it was about the mid season deep clean! We bumped into one of the reps on the way in and she was able to confirm this but also said that they were to be drafted in to help which would be really good. It transpired tho’ that their role was to help with the inspection, not helping us at all! IMAG0699Fortunately, due to the weather forecast (getting warmer and sunnier) we had decided to ski on Monday before the snow started to melt and get slushy and churned up. Once we received the appalling news about the clean we were most put out as we’d only just started to get on top of the job in reasonable hours and now we had a 5 page list of all the points we had to deep clean which would be inspected and signed off by Sunday. Supposedly this is due to half term week (the week after) being so expensive and therefore people had to have a very thing perfect as they’d paid so much – I thought it was so expensive due to the demand reflecting the limitations of the school holidays but what do I know.

IMAG0704We decided to stay on in the chalet until 2pm on Tuesday to start completing this blessed cleaning form. When we emerged it was into glorious sunshine which doesn’t penetrate our apartment in the afternoons so without enough time to go skiing (and probably lack of ability in the legs) I persuaded Roger to walk along to a cafe in the main ski area with the promise of a deck chair in which he could sleep and duly did.IMAG0706 It was very relaxing to sit just absorbing all the atmosphere and activity going on around us. We’d taken the books but didn’t even get them out the bag. I must confess that I may have indulged in some shut eye as well but our excuse is that the people who are in the apartment above us this week seem to have a need to party every night! I’m sure that they aren’t even taking off their ski boots to walk around inside.IMAG0705 It is already becoming chaotic everywhere and next week will be more so. The French have a staggered 4 week break at this time of the year to enable everyone to go skiing. Our excursion out today confirmed this but when you add in all the British half termers next week it will be hardly worth going out, unless there is more snow.

We had a beautiful day out today after breakfast on our ‘balcony’. We’d only intended going for our usual 2-3 hours but earlier in the day before the snow is too churned up. We crawled back up the hill to the flat 6 hours later having had some lovely skiing, finding new runs in the process of trying to locate recommended eateries for lunch, which when we finally did locate the first one ‘Le Spot’ had no free seating so we made our way to an alternative venue where we found a seat but were not impressed with the menu selection and the prices even less so for something with which we weren’t too enamoured. We decided to make our way over to our regular haunt on Signal but would drift past Le Spot again to see if there was any seating available. As we cruised up we were welcomed with shouts of ‘Roger, Gill’. Some of our fellow hosts were there and they had seats.

Holly, Ferg, Katie and Oscar

Holly, Ferg, Katie and Oscar

We spent a lovely time lazing in the warm sun getting more concerned about sunburn than feeling cold. We didn’t indulge in the cocktails they were consuming, Ferg was even sporting a white dinner jacket which befitted the occasion, fortunately he really didn’t need a ski jacket as it really was that warm.

Katie and Ferg (& interlopers)

Katie and Ferg (& interlopers)


By the time we returned to the flat we were only fit to collapse on the bed to read the Sunday Times of 1st of Feb!

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  1. Tim says:

    Great to hear you have had a chance for a more prolonged fun time,and the picture of Roger sleeping is a treat, he’s looking good for all the hard work.
    Good luck with the school holidays, I’m sure the parents will all be very understanding with the amount of work you put in for them…..brace yourselves 🙂

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