On the piste!

IMAG0578Yeah, we made it up the hill for a couple of hours yesterday in beautiful conditions. It was a timely reminder of why we are here as I was beginning to lose sight in amongst all the preping,  cooking, washing up and cleaning. The other bonus came this morning in the shape of a dishwasher which actually washes dishes – we’re quite easily pleased really. It does have a tendancy to fall over if you open the door too far or bring out the top rack, but beggers can’t be chosers. This has coincided with us losing our ‘assistant’ who was at a chalet which wasn’t booked this week so she has been a great help. It remains to be seen how we manage to serve up 16 hot plates within a few minutes of each other tonight between two of us. Fortunately our guests have been with us all week and are very tolerant. They have been a great bunch and we’ll be sorry to see them go. We are booked up next week with 13 adults and 3 children over Christmas and have to do a full deep clean, drain and refill hot tub etc between turnaround. No-one told us how to manage that when all 32 guests will overlap for an hour!!! Hopefully the incomers will be as adaptable as our leavers. It’ll be sad to see them go as they have made our initiation as easy as possible and have even made super skiing and mountain restaurant companions.


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2 Responses to On the piste!

  1. Karen stead says:

    Looks like you are finally settling in and finding a little time for yourselves. Hope you have an enjoyable christmas xxx

  2. Tim says:

    Congrats on your first week, pleased you have made it to the slopes for a bit. dishwasher sounds fun its an an opportunity for a rest, one of you could sit on it whilst the other loads it up. You got the ‘on the piste’ title in, good man Roger !
    Have a great Christmas xxx

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