The lifts aIMAG0571re all open (but not all the runs) and more snow is forecast today hence the beautiful sunrise colours. Nearly ready for our first guests tomorrow, final adjustments to the hot tub and making a batch of after dinner chocolate truffles.

We are second chalet on the right in this photo.

Its great to read your comments and know that we are still in touch with you all. Please keep saying hello, we appreciate all your contacts xx

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3 Responses to Open!

  1. Jill says:

    Looks beautiful. Best of luck for tomorrow (not that you will need luck) everything will be great and both of you will be brilliant xx

  2. Karen and michael says:

    Just caught up with your updates, sounds exhausting and maybe not the best organised but I am sure you will be brilliant once left to your own devices a bit more. Your guests will be very lucky people and once you get the first week out of the way it will hopefully be enjoyable xxx

  3. Barbara Baker says:

    Hope all went well with your first guests. Looking forward to hearing how it all went. Your blogs are really interesting. Please keep in touch. Lol to both of you. Xx

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