Yeah, pamplemouse is back! This is the lovely grapefruit and orange drink to which we were quite addicted then devastated to find it was no longer stocked. Other fizzy drinks were poor substitutes and just when we’d resigned ourselves to not having it any more it has reappeared at the Spar. These little pleasures mean a lot.

We nearly lost the Glenmorangie and Baileys I mentioned last. We had finished yet another 14 hour changeover day and were staggering back across the piste, Roger carrying the backpack and rubbish bag whilst I had the responsibility for the empty bottles and stash bag. I have been quite steady on my feet since those initial weeks and perhaps a bit complacent when my feet shot straight out from underneath me. It was a slight decline which had become icey, I went with such a pace that my sacrum was beyond safe as I nearly completed a back flip and landed on my upper back receiving a face wash of wine dregs from the empties. Somehow I managed to not drop either bag and our first thoughts were to ensure the bottle contents were intact which they were.

It is really nice to have the ipod speakers (just hope they’re not claimed by their owner which may happen yet) in the flat. Our CD selection is severely limited to the 4 or 5 which will actually play. We are getting a little fed up of the same Police, Dire Straits, Ella Fitzgerald and Country Roads CDs although these have served us well. Our TV unit declines to play DVDs as well and doesn’t like anything once it has warmed up.

Anyway, I must dash, we’re later back as the foccacia was cremated and had to be remade and I’ve got to concoct a Mother of the Bride outfit for Roger from a pair of left behind swimming trunks!! At least my Kim Jong Il mask may come in handy!IMAG0781

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  1. Cath says:

    Ah, so the wedding is going ahead. Who are the happy couple, and who are you Gill? I hope you will be able to post a photo of the day.
    Just been to Gosport visiting relatives, and thought of you.

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