Penultimate guest day

This is our final serving day! Yippee!

These were my morning mountains this morning. Usually I’m peering between the cracks in the security grille but that would have spoilt the picture. If i cant see them I know that the weather is poor. I will miss this fantastic vista.

This morning

This morning


This is they this afternoon on my way into our final evening service, yippee2!


Roger had gone in for the early shift so I wasn’t able to show him these unusual cloud formations, this one surrounding just the restaurant at the top of Signal

The top of the restaurant peeking out above the cloud shroud

The top of the restaurant peeking out above the cloud shroud

…and finally the clouds pouring over the top of the ridge along from Signal IMAG0863  silhouetted by the evening sun. Amazing Alpine views, not to be repeated for us. Only 5 days of cleaning left!

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2 Responses to Penultimate guest day

  1. Cath says:

    Well done, you’ve made it. Thank you for all your lovely photos, I do miss the fantastic mountain views.

  2. Tim says:

    Ah ! time to look at the clouds, clearly you are starting to relax, have a good week between the cleaning, partying all week ? enjoy !

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