House clearance is well underway. After a disappointing offer to clear Roger’s house he is using Gumtree to great effect for the larger items, mainly furniture. They can’t really go to a car boot/table top sale as they’d take most of the space in the car and those buyers who frequent such events do not want to part with any significant amounts of cash. Despite this we’ve been pleasantly surprised how much we’ve managed to accrue as the deals have been small change but the speed at which the mornings have disappears reflects the number of transactions. Yet, the pile in the dining room doesn’t seem to be diminishing.

The on-line classified ads have proved very successful for both of us but it is quite easy to see that items need to go in the first 48hrs or they disappear into the reams of pages available. I’m off to view a sofa this afternoon, which I can’t pick up until Saturday, to replace mine which is being given a lovely home in a converted barn but leaves Ben without. I’m just a bit concerned that it will go before I get there if our rate of sale ‘lead time’ is anything to go by.

We get quite excited about the ‘profit’ we are taking when related to our new income! On the basis of current salaries the effort may hardly seem worth it but when we consider that we’ve been taking almost a week’s wages at each car boot it suddenly feels much more fruitful.

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