Pre-season Social!

We attended a pre-season social get together last night. It was held at the Chill Factore in Manchester which was apparently a change of venue as they are usually held in the south but more staff come from the north. We declined the suggestion to brush up on our technique on the indoor slopes as we were more likely to do serious damage to some part of our anatomy and there would definitely be no sunshine!silhouette with snowboard

We joined the throng in a private room where a band, who will be touring the ski resorts, were going to entertain us. On arrival we chatted to some of the meet and greet staff and re-discovered our area manager who we’d met briefly on the cooking course. Our resort manager didn’t appear to be around or if she was we missed her, or she missed us. We were provided with stickers with our resort destination rather than our names which seemed odd initially but was actually quite effective. By the end of the evening we had met another chalet host (from Leeds), 2 snow rangers and a nanny with whom we would be sharing the season and possibly more as we are still unsure of what accommodation will be available. The band were surprisingly good and delivered excellent cover versions of a wide variety of artists, mostly from our era! The only drawback was that the volume almost completely prevented any meaningful conversation but at least we now have some faces who will be familiar on the journey.

We did make a bee-line for the only other person who was (probably) over 40. We knew we’d be in the minority but were hoping that there might have been a few more of the 10% of more mature staff – allegedly! Perhaps they did succumb to the strong temptation to give the event a miss or perhaps ‘10%’ was some form of marketing statistics. Anyway we met some great young people who didn’t seem to be put off from talking to the wrinklies.

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