Snow’s here

IMAG0614The snow has fallen, the sun is shining, the previous guests have left and our new arrivals are normal people! They are chatty, helpful and quite tidy, in fact PLUs. ‘People like us’ to the extent that the one family in the group is from our home town of Gosport or more precisely, Roger’s district of Lee on Solent. It is already a pleasure after last week. We finally managed to bid farewell to the previous bunch after a 2 hour wait for the bus after which they gave our reps grief when they were informed that they could be diverted to a different airport. Did they really think that their convenience was paramount in the greater scheme of things? Could they not just open their eyes and see the chaos at the the poor provincial airport of Chambray – which even made BBC R2 news but no, why should they change a lifetime’s habit of selfishness and lack of consideration or even awareness of others. My final straw came as I carried the suitcase of a woman who must be at least 10 years younger than me and had managed to ski all week, down the hill and stairs to the bus pick up point and managed to fall over and slide down 10-12 snow covered metal steps. Good riddance is all I can put here and plenty more that I can’t.  This has been a very good reason to start up my next idea; a website called Guest Assess. It would work on a similar basis to TripAdvisor but for hospitality businesses to identify nightmare customers whether they be habitual complainers, seriously messy/untidy, rude, trying to get discounts by threatening poor reviews, ‘nickers’ of towels etc. The list goes on. Why is it just the businesses that have to endure this? These new guests have been more helpful, appreciative and communicative in 24 hours than the others were all week. They even had the audacity to comment that the chalet was only moderately clean and tidy yet it was all their c**p. As expected there was no tip whatsoever and barely a thank you or even goodbye.

IMAG0615We got out on the hill yesterday afternoon and spent a glorious few hours on the fresh snow in the sunshine, reminding ourselves why we were here. It was a bit crowded but was probably at its busiest for the season considering the conditions combined with the holiday week. We were still exhausted when we got back to our accommodation after the 19 hour day previously, as incoming guests had been delayed, skiing in our ‘rest’ period, including a couple of runs which were very hard work. Hard is also the word to describe the ice I fell on rather too heavily to compound my bumache from the steps fall the previous day. Anyway we were not best pleased to find a flood in our apartment but could do no more than check it wasn’t squirting out, threw some towels overy the puddle and collapse into bed.

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  1. Sue collins says:

    Seems like hard work especially trying to please customers. Bet you’ve.had to bite your tongue more than once.everyone at Thai chi sends best wishes to you. Hope you get lovely grateful guests xx

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