So close

Final guests have left and with glowing reviews, despite expectations to the contrary. 11 hours of cleaning followed, but not on the same time scale as previous Sundays, just more actual cleaning. We were sent a crack team, of 2, from the already closed hotel. They pushed on with the bedrooms whilst we concentrated on the communal areas. Our standards have been set pretty high, much higher than my own home, so it is a bit galling to determine that certain aspects haven’t been as clean in years, never mind months but still may not be good enough. We continued today and were a little disheartened to find our criteria to be lacking, everything needs to be perfect for handover. It quickly became apparent that the smallest speck of dirt becomes magnified when all around is spotless whereas if it is basically clean, one doesn’t notice these minor infringements. So another full day cleaning today, the owner inspects tomorrow and doubtless there will be more to do, so we abandoned ship at 5pm after a leisurely and very welcome 10am start.


Morning mountains in the evening

We are currently sat, sipping wine on our balcony, in the evening sun and sheltered from the cool wind. The weather is quite a conundrum at the moment; in the sun and out of the wind it must be in the 20s and definitely suitable for sunbathing and sunblock. However, one is brought back to the reality of an Alpine spring when observing the surrounding mounds of snow in the shade, particularly where there have been great dumps from roofs. Our own snow ridge along the north side of the entrance walkway is diminishing rapidly after resembling a whale’s ribcage when sliding off the corrugations of the lean-to roof. The other anomaly is the emergence of various bods, skis aloft and dressed up in full salopettes, ski jacket, hats, gloves, helmet and goggles after their descent from the tops, walking past the scantily clad sunbathers, breaking into a sweat at their mutual notice. We’ve been in both circumstances.

We have managed to resist moving back into Breche so far. We were due to move in today and despite our initial excitement at the prospect before it actually came to the end of guests there, I, particularly, but even Roger, would prefer to stay in our little cave than move into that dishevelled and neglected, most expensive chalet in the resort! They had made more mess in 48hours than I cleared up in the total of the previous 5 months I maintained the housekeeeping. We are just keeping our heads down and saying that we’re not ready to move if asked. As it is a 16 person chalet, currently housing 15, we aren’t quite sure where we are supposed to fit, without annoying someone or 3 by making them share a twin room. Hopefully, common sense will prevail. We are going over twice a day for lunch and evening meal and looking forward to Elie’s curry tonight, but that’s enough, I could weep at times and told Elie that I couldn’t help her prepare the food as the kitchen was such a tip. We’re keeping our fingers crossed. The owner, who we have met on numerous occasions over the season, being a delightful, reasonable bloke, is coming for a handover tomorrow evening. I think he is going to be quite devastated as he was so pleased with how we were maintaining his asset. He’s in for a bit of a shock, not sure whether we want to be there or not.

Elie's curry night

Elie’s curry night

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