It’s raining, it’s pouring, oh no it isn’t, it’s just the snow melting everywhere. Spring has come to the Alps and it is really warm which is lovely but not so good for the skiers. After another exhausting turnround day starting at 4.45am and 16 new arrivals at 12.10 before the final 4 had left, instead of our usual Monday afternoon collapse we were off to Folie Douce for lunch with our fellow chalet hosts to celebrate Sorcha’s, our star, 19th birthday. We were actually ready at 11.30 and due to meet at 1pm so I rashly suggested we go to the top of Pic Blanc to ski all the way down Sarenne, including the blacks which I’d avoided previously. The warm weather had meant that the snow was getting quite soft. The top of Sarenne was reputed to be steep and icey which had not attracted me at all so the prospect of it being a bit softer (and still open before the bottom parts deteriorated) possibly gave us a rare opportunity. The French holidays have finally finished so the resort was much quieter and the subsequent queue lengths diminished considerably. I alighted the third ascent with a degree of trepidation as we ventured into unchartered snow. We’d not been up the final chairlift even though it arrived at the same point we’d achieved previously from the other side of the precipice. On that occasion descent had been via the same cable car we’d ascented as I took fright/vertigo.

As we glided over the variet of black runs from our seats I observed that they didn’t look so bad. We tried to determine our optimum descent by how ‘mogully’ the runs looked as their steepness didn’t seem to be a problem after some of the pistes we’d skied already this season. The top does feel very narrow and I wasn’t able to appreciate the stunning views for long; apparently 1/5 of France! The initial descent was pretty steep but definately not icey and none too busy either. I felt a significant degree of achievement at completing the run properly and relief that I wasn’t holding Roger back any further. We arrived at the alloted place 1/2 hour late but no-one in sight. They’d been delayed by their accomodation’s deep clean inspection (oops). We finally got together at 2.45 when it transpired they’d been sat around the corner for the previous 20 mins whilst we’d been possessively saving a table and many seats for over an hour. It was lovely to be able to sit outside enjoying this meal up a mountain in March and hope you can see the conditions from the photos.

The joys of Folie Douce!

The joys of Folie Douce!

Sorcha's birthday

Sorcha’s birthday

Once back at the chalet it was a completely different matter as we were met with chaos, raided wine stock, skis and boots blocking the hall (not in the boot room) and complaints about 1 towel not being enough if using the hot tub. This was in addition to the utter mess we’d met on arrival in the morning when not a sinew glass or plate had been cleared from the previous evening’s meal table. I was less than pleased when one guests asked if we had a bottle opener, thinking she wanted it for one of their own bottles of beers I duly gave her it only for her to turn around and take one of the bottles destined for the evening meal. I was less than happy. I didn’t actually say anything but it may have been stamped across the back of my head as this morning g the table was completely cleared on the side in the kitchen and most people brought their breakfast dishes from the table and they were all out by 8.30 with many ‘thank you’s. So I have replaced their towels, it doesn’t pay to annoy the hosts and certainly is advantageous for them to like you (as all my lovely friends know)

We aren’t skiing today, Tuesday, as we’re going on a trip tomorrow to Deux Alps, our first time out of resort. So we thought we’d have a rest and we’ve had to transport our skis, poles, boots, helmets etc back to the flat in dribs and drabs as we can’t carry all of that and the rubbish and the glass recycling when we leave the chalet and the latter 2 are quite essential as not clearing ALL the rubbish EVERY time is the only thing we were picked up on at our appraisal (admittedly we do leave it behind when we ski as I’m not sure I can manage to get down the piste carrying a box of empty wine bottles and a bin bag of rubbish) So today, after completing our messages, dropping off the skis at the flat and via our trip to Spar to collect a packed lunch we diverted to a cafe in the sunshine and enjoyed another gallette and laze in the deckchairs, basking in the sun until we became too hot!IMAG0755IMAG0758IMAG0760


Spot Roger asleep in the deck chair! The other 2 photos were taken from my chair without moving, not a bad view when sat at a roundabout!

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