turn round day

We were up at 4am on Sunday as our first 6 guests were due to leave on a 5.10 coach, closely followed by another couple at 5.25. It would be fair to say that they were not best pleased as they were on 10.30 and 11.30 flights respectively but the chaos of the previous week was obviously still very fresh in the transport organisers’ minds even though it hadn’t actually snowed since. We were contractually obliged to offer a cooked breakfast but their initial surprise that we would be up at all didnt deter them from availing themselves of this service. One couple asked for just 2 sausages and sausage and a piece of bacon. Did they not realise that if your going to cook it might as well be for 10 as for 2 and the idea had been for them to say that they just wanted cereal or such like. Fortunately a lovely group of 4 said that they’d just do ham and cheese baguettes from the previous day’s bread. Unfortunately this wasn’t possible as Mrs just ‘a sausage and a piece of bacon’ had been systematically raiding the fridge in our absence at lunchtime and we had no ham left for the nice people! The other couple, hearing about bacon and sausages wanted 1 full cooked, at 4.30! What planet were these people on? More of that in the expose currently under construction.

The rest of the guests left in 2 more groups through the course of the morning which involved stopping what we were doing, escorting (not carrying suitcases) them down the steps and hanging round for the bus. After we’d done that 4 times at 15 mins a time that was 2 hours out of a very busy day. Fortunately our next party wasn’t due until 5.45pm so we thought we should have plenty of time to turn the chalet round and prepare the evening meal (no cake required – yippee). So why did we only manage to have bearly a 1 hour break between 4am and 10pm? We must be so inefficient or perhaps not. More of that in the expose. Even an hour’s help from Fergus probably only enabled us to have a break, not get ahead. We are unlikely to be able to depend on him again as someone has broken ranks so Fergus will probably we covering that gap as I’d be extremely surprised if our deserter is replaced.

Our new guests duly arrived on time, a chaotic chronological cross – section of people eventually emerged from the bus. We were able to say hello to the newly weds before initiating our ascent of the north face of Alpe d’huez and got them all into the chalet before many started to make about turns to go to get ski hire equipment for the morning. With 5 under 10 plus a toddler things became very noisy as they stampeded up and down the wooden stairs. One of the chaps apologised for this and explained that it would be the norm, we reciprocated with indifference as we don’t live in. One of the matriarchs endeared herself to me straight away by sneakily asking for a glass of wine which I duly delivered. Unfortunately she had to wait quite some time for a refill as we didn’t get round to feeding them until nearly 9am. Even now I’m not sure where the time went.

Breakfast the following morning was bedlam but they were all out by 8.45 having tucked spare croissants and pain a chocolates into pockets. Yesterday morning, without mentioning anything to us 12 of them appeared for breakfast at 7.30 (it isn’t ready until 8am) as apparently they’d been late for ski school so thought they should leave earlier. Personally I think they should be better organised as they didn’t leave the building any earlier than anyone else who had had breakfast at 8 and still made it to ski school on time. Emptying rucksacks all over the dining room floor and buying 6  bagguettes to make sandwiches and dumping them in the kitchen before disappearing off with the clingfilm didn’t improve our efficiency of delivering their breakfast quicker but they are still actually nice people so we’ve cut them quite a lot of slack; particularly since the matriarch told me not to bother cleaning the bedrooms although her counterpart did emphasise ‘the children’s rooms’. Hope we aren’t going to get a Mother of the bride versus Mother of the groom stand off.

n bags and recycling bottles, scrambling up the side of the hot tub and chalet, climbing a short but steep hill to the bin store, depositing the trash before ascending a further 40-50 steps to the centre ville on the way to our apartment. After a solid 6-7 hour stint this was quite an exertion but the other day we had to go down the hill first to collect a parcel. I was dismayed at this regressive step as we’d have further to climb back up until Roger’s inspired idea of taking the yogurt pots to the midstation and walking back to the flat on a slightly downhill trajectory -yippee. Just a shame they aren’t working at 10pm. This new route does require us to walk past some enticing cafes whose services we have had to evaluate sat in the midday sun. Not so shabby then and certainly easier on the feet. Fortunately we have the full season lift pass so we can jump on and off any lift in resort, unfortunately it doesn’t extend to the 1 swim a week provided on the 6 day pass which would certainly help to ease achy joints, from work never mind skiing, but I’m sure that’s saved the company a few more pennies!

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