Snow's back again!

Snow’s back again!

I wrote this last week but, for reasons about to become apparent, couldn’t publish it until both situations were irreversible.

Our head office colleague called us aside on Tuesday morning to tell us some ‘gossip’. The previous evening, after we’d left, one of the other guests stated that they would look for something about which to complain in order to try to get some compensation/refund. This left a very bad taste in the mouth and an extremely uncomfortable feeling. We know that we do a pretty good job however, in the interest of retaining our sanity and making this job or work/life balance manageable we have cut corners. Therefore if they really wanted to look for something to complain about they would find it or them! Not a great attitude to take on holiday. On the other hand, we feel that we owe the company nothing, they’ve had our blood, sweat and tears, literally, so if someone wants to make a valid claim for compensation, let them. This has been our response but it does go against the grain, I’d much rather they couldn’t find anything but am not prepared to work more hours to ensure it doesn’t happen. At least they didn’t get custard poured down their back, although the red wine did land on his, fortunately bare, arm.

It is very difficult to look at guests like this in the same light as there is now a total mistrust of their actions.  Was her offer to clear the plates genuine or would it be flung back at us as ‘we even had to clear the dishes ourselves’. Her complaint that the foccacia was inedible was supported by her husband and another but all the other 9 guests seemed to have no problem with it. She did manage to dislodge a piece of wood from the staircase which is used by people in ski boots so the alternative of having to take their boots off upstairs and carry them down would be less popular and considering she was in her socks and the piece of wood was off to the side it is a little dubious. They actually seemed nice people when they arrived but being Met police officers I guess they know their way around the law. Anyway at the time of writing this we have less than 24 hrs before they’re gone. I wonder what their evaluation will say and if they’ll leave a tip, presumably not if they are looking for money back rather than spending more. I’m glad I declined her request for ice cubes even before we knew of this deceit.

Morning commute after fresh snow

Morning commute after fresh snow

The other secret will be revealed tomorrow night when the other 2 guests, who are not part of our friends’ party, arrive. They are actually 3! and are the other friends who ‘didn’t ‘ get the booking so surprising them. Nik’s party arrive at lunchtime and will occupy the 7 larger rooms. The 3 guys arrive in the evening and are in the smallest room which barely takes 2! But we can’t let on to anyone although there will need to be some bed and room movements in order to fit in the camp bed in the only 2 rooms possible.

We will be a bit cramped, the chalet can barely cope with 16 adults, the only time we’ve had 17 the extra bodies were children so this will be a real stretch but it is eminently preferable that they/we are all one party. We had half hoped that we could deter the strangers and have a room there for ourselves, unknown to management of course, but now the sofas will be the only option and I’m not sure I’m that desperate, even if they have proved popular in the past.

Roger and I have to keep quiet for about 6 hours whilst, no doubt, there is much speculation about the compatibility of the ‘others’ or tactics debated as to how to get them to request transfer to another chalet, it’s happened before. By the time you read this, all will have been revealed, including precisely how we are going to get them in the door without being spotlit by the outside lights in full view via the patio doors in the lounge.

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2 Responses to Withheld

  1. Tim says:

    It all sounds very complicated, worthy of midsomer murders, without the bodies hopefully. I have worked out who it was, the policeman on the stairs with the foccacia, he just slipped your honour……….
    Keep sane xx

  2. Liz Reid says:

    Not long to go now. Hope you get chance to party over last week.
    Good luck for new adventures from Heathers mum.

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