31. A few issues.

The weather has been rather unsettled so we haven’t been snow-mobile-ing yet. Last week it even rained and the zero isotherm was at 2000m which is higher than most of the resort. This has felt more like April, when spring really sets in, but is far too early for these temperatures. We want to get in some more good skiing before the serious melt. Great clumps of snow have fallen off the roof onto the side terrace at Mollard. The owner had insisted that we clear the winter snow off it when he was out in February so he could sit there for breakfast, even though we pointed out that the sun wasn’t high enough. He’s back out again at the weekend so the ice pick will have to be utilised to break up the now frozen slab from the roof which has accumulated several more inches of fresh snow.
Loft owner has been out this past week, causing havoc as her precious wooden floor is showing signs of wear and tear. This, apparently, is our fault for not being diligent enough with our care, nothing to do with the footfall that has been trailing in and out (strangely the entrance is her main concern) which provides her with a sizeable income for the weeks she isn’t in residence! And the hottub wasn’t clean enough. Despite being less than three years old and wedged into an internal room, it isn’t plumbed in. We have to use a portable electric pump and attach a hose leading to an adjacent bathroom where the end is shoved down the toilet, but this only drains to about 6 inches. The remains have to be ladled into a plastic bowl from standing inside the tub, and poured down the sink in the bedroom, a two-man job on our busiest day.


This last week the children became a little over-exuberant and water leaked into the apartment below. Our maintenance guy had to strip the existing sealant off the surrounds from inside the full hot tub and re-do the seal. I’m sure he made a good job but I was fishing bits of scraped sealant out the water all week. On Friday I gave up scooping it off the surface as I could see blobs sitting on the bottom so locked the door, stripped off and got in to pick these offending pieces from the depths. On Saturday I was back in the water, but at least was able to keep my underwear on as there was only a few inches depth, trying to catch the remaining bits but apparently this still wasn’t good enough. I hesitated to suggest that she should have had a plug hole in the bottom but the operations manager was impressed with my ‘commitment to the cause’ when Roger described my efforts.
The kids hadn’t been bad, just having fun in small pool and the adults apologised for not supervising them closer. These guys had been very polite to me and most complementary about the breakfasts I’d delivered, sealing their approval with a generous tip, which is just as well as it appears I wont get paid the promised overtime. The hours I worked will be offset against the empty weeks in the chalets! It is hardly our fault if the company have not managed to sell those slots and we didn’t request ‘holiday’. Good will is very fragile and easily crushed.


The group in Mollard this week have set a record for producing the most rubbish and most disgusting hot tub. The water was more murky after one night than after a week of kids! They had taken my point of not allowing it to overflow onto the balcony and into the lounge by emptying buckets-full out before over-occupying it. It is supposed to take 4 people and there are 10 of them. As a result, when they all get out, the water level drops below the level of the filter and stops circulating around the pump, which would burn out, but fortunately has a cut-off which only results in the potential for the pipes to freeze as it is outside. Heyho.

I did clean the vomit splattered toilet and walls so must like them really but will have to have words if they keep helping themselves to fresh bed linen as I wont have enough for changeover day. I don’t think they are that hygienic but suffice to say they are more coupled up than when 1 couple, 4 blokes and 4 girls arrived. They have managed to shatter the glass in the oven door by cooking no more than pizzas, but admit that this is not their fault as it developed a hairline crack last week after putting it on the auto-clean cycle. They leave at 5am on Sunday which at least lets us get in and scourer the place before the owner arrives for his lads week.


We are struggling a little with a conflict of interest with our employers. Our customers are the guests for whom we are supposed to, and we try to, provide an excellent holiday. The company’s customers are also these guests, from whom they want excellent reviews but, also they view the chalet owners as customers, for whom guests are a nuisance and mess up their property. We are supposedly the guardians of these buildings but are torn between these loyalties. However, not once has an owner left a tip!

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