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Back into the fray on Sunday. Well actually I went in for a few hours on Sat eve both to see how I managed and also to say hello/goodbye to our guests. The few days in the flat had been quite reviving, I seemed to spend a lot of the time asleep which I don’t think was purely due to the medication. There was a bit of a problem of not being able to sit comfortably therefore I  had to lie or stand and there’s only so much standing one can do. Lying, however resulted in a repeated somnambulistic consequence. I did feel that my poor feet gained an opportunity to recover a little and even managed to give myself a long overdue pedicure although a bit messy as it was at a slightly awkward angle. I ventured out onto our patio/balcony a few times to enjoy the rays as it was quite a little suntrap in the mornings when we tend not to be here but this was hampered on 2 accounts; one that, even with a cushion I couldn’t tolerate the plastic seats for long and the other, adding insult to injury, was that the only bit of piste that we can see between our adjacent buildings was the exact location of my demise!

I was able to potter around a little and did try not to sieze up so was able to give the place it’s first lick ‘n’ polish since we arrived, having spent most of that time cleaning other people’s accommodation. Fortunately, being very bijou it didn’t actually take much doing. On Roger’s return to work at tea time, I’d waddle part of the way back with him, as far as the Spar, collect a few indulgences and waddle back using my multifunctional ski poles.

I was warmly greeted on Sat evening by our extended chaotic family and we were even toasted in appreciation and provided with an unexpected tip. One of their party also donated their ski passes as he’d noted (as previous guests had done but not taken it to the next stage) that due to their early departure on Sunday they would not be able to claim their €2 refund as the office wouldn’t be open at that time and was closed when they’d finished skiing that day. He gave them to us on the basis that we could claim it. Multiply that by 16 people and we could make another €32 a week by dropping a few subtle hints. Feel a bit thick not to have clocked this before and even think that I’ve left some ski passes in people’s room bins!

The chalet was still as if a bomb had hit it and the adults were off out for a final night’s party after dinner. When we returned at 5am the following morning for their 6.15 departure all the lights were ablaze and further chaos ensued as possessions were located, packed and cases brought down to the lobby until we could barely access the door. It was amazing again how the chalet returned to its relatively tidy state once all (well most) of their items had disappeared, several bottles of beer appeared to have been donated to our honesty bar in lieu of payment. As they all left together we were able to get on with the task of turn round, again assisted by Fergus after he’d helped another chalet with breakfast. Our next guests were due at 1.45pm, 7 hours away, plenty of time??! At 1.30, without so much as a break, the 3 of us were madly trying to finish off the stairs and landings when the phone rang. We expected this to be our 10 minute warning of impending arrival, again of all 14 at once. It was with the utmost relief we heard that they had just left the airport and would be a further hour and a half. We completed the communal areas and I finally managed to get off my feet for half an hour after 9 hours of cleaning, bed changing,  sweeping, mopping etc. Thank goodness for Tramadol and voltarol. The next call was that they were here and by the time we had donned boots and coats we met some of our intrepid next party half way up the hill.

This transpired to be a party of 12 and a pair of brother-in-laws who despite initial reserve do seem to have integrated well. Our manifest gives details of ages on occasions, unknowns are all 30, I think our youngest this week is well into their 40 and we have 4 in their 70s and 6 in their 60s so they are shinning examples of keeping fit and active regardless of your age. As we were ready to drop after the evening meal on their second day they even embarked on a table tennis tournament. They seemed to consider us lightweights when we declined to participate on the basis of tiredness.

This week’s day off has been eagerly anticipated despite my short week. Our guests had requested an earlier evening meal so we managed to be finished and breakfast set up before 10pm – no, that didn’t mean we had time to play pingpong! – so we ambled down to Underground, via our usual diversion to the bin store and recycling centre. The door sign informed us that it was Scandi-night, whatever that was. It was fairly quiet inside but we were quite early however we did meet one of our earlier guinea pigs/dinner guests who we hadn’t seen since that first week so it was nice to catch up with him and his girlfriend. On their departure the bar suddenly seemed to fill with hoards of Nordic looking youngsters who seemed set to have a good night. We couldn’t actually place their accent, none of them sounded like the chef off the  Muppets. We were later informed by Owen, one of the friendly bar staff, that they were actually Russians, no wonder they could drink standing on their heads, literally, not sure why, but it appeared to be mandatory. We capitulated after our second pint and went in search of our gang. Who knew Russians were so tall?

When I opened the shutters a tad this morning, trying but failing to not disturb Roger, I could only report that it was grey skies. We were seriously considering getting some early skiing in on the fresh snow (softer landing for my poor backside) but were deterred by the lack of sunshine. On closer inspection later when I opened the shutters properly it was to reveal that we’d actually had another 3-4 inches of snow overnight and the skies continued to look threatening. We opted for a lazy day, reading books, writing blogs, catching up with emails (for which we would just wander across to the pool to use their wifi) pursuing insurance claims, both for medical treatment and the roof at home where a stone ’tile’ from the main house has dislodged, landed on the kitchen roof, broken a couple of those tiles and embedded its 36″x18″ self into the grass. I dread to think how much they weigh but have advised Ben to get it brought into the garden before someone takes a liking to it. (Thanks Tim for your help). I also need to sort out my phone as I have received the same text 72 times (at last count) since 7/1/15 and at least 13 times since then. I’ve been assured that neither myself nor the sender (sorry Nick and John if they’re wrong) are being charged for this but it is becoming a pain in the bum. The only way to rectify is to erase everything and reset the phone. “Just do a copy backup of all your data onto a computer” the operative said. There wasn’t anything in her script for someone who doesn’t have access to a computer for 4 months and no, a tablet won’t suffice!

Anyway, I decided to embark on this tome when I realised the device was dead and the charger was back at the chalet so our first outing was back to the deserted but tidy chalet for retrieval. Oh the delights of having older people stay, they are so much tidier and no-one wanted their rooms cleaned yesterday – yippee.

IMAG0633We’ll be heading off to the pool shortly, trudging through the crunchy snow, to send you this chapter. I’ve included a photo of the yoghurt pots which I’m aware I’ve mentioned a few times but perhaps not really explained and a picture paints a thousand words.IMAG0627 Also included will be a photo of my carrot cake creations, the decorations of which I hope you will appreciate. Also one last note for now, it appears that when I send an email from this device it uses the default address which is Roger’s: RogerCDA50@gmail and we can’t change it so if you are wondering where my reply to your email is, it may well be in your spam under his name. Sorry about that but we’ll (he’ll) keep looking for a solution.

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