8. Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was our first day of normal working, which is anything but a normal day. Roger went to The Loft and I headed to Mollard to complete 2 hours of cleaning and tidying, depending on what we found. We needed to make the most visual impact so that guests knew they’d visited: beds made, towels folded, clothes picked up, bathrooms cleaned, kitchen sorted, floors hoovered. The living area work depended on the state it was left and in my case, working out how to clear the ash which hadn’t dropped into the tray designed for that purpose from the stupid wood burner. I refused to resort to sweeping it all out the front but the soot marks above my elbows evidenced how far in I reached, too far!
We were still expected to do the housekeeping on the 25th but hoped that our respective guests would either want some family time to open presents etc or take pity and release us from drudge on Christmas day. Hoping that whatever was decided would be compatible we set a limit at not working beyond 12.30. A spit roast chicken and saute potatoes would be ready for our pick up at 1pm. In fact neither chalet was occupied when we entered on 24th so there was no room for discussions or negotiations. The Russians in The Loft had lived for 8 years in Singapore so have an expectation of ‘staff’ and the new arrivals barely know us so may be in for a surprise when I turn up at 9.30 on Christmas morning to clear up.

We postponed our chicken from Farto deli (undeterred by the name) as the forecast was good so woukd collect it at 5pm after hopefully, a lovely afternoon skiing. This will be a novelty as we have worked the past 4 Christmas days, with no option to ski. Although last year was the first to have sufficient snow to enable us to even consider doing so. But our treat will be to traverse the slopes even if not celebrating in a more traditional manner. The temperatures are rising and no snow is forecast for the near future so we must make the most of the opportunity.
We have arranged to go across to La Tania this evening (Christmas Eve) to meet some colleagues now that the full bus service is operational and we can stay out beyond midnight without turning into a pumpkin/hitch-hiker. Ten past one is our last bus back so must make sure we don’t miss it! By the time you read this we will be practicing for New Year’s Eve.

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