Bread for the birds

As I was putting bread out for the birds this morning I did wonder if there would be any wildlife in resort or whether veg patch with snowthe hustle and bustle of the activity would deter anything from approaching human habitation unless desperate. The only snow wildlife I know about are artic foxes, hares or polar bears, none of which I anticipate seeing in the Alps, despite potentially artic conditions. Other wildlife, as far as I know, tends to inhabit the areas at the edge of the snowline where there is some prospect of foraging but not under several feet of snow. We did see evidence in Finland of small animal tracks but they may be of the variety we would not welcome near the chalet and hot tub! I’ll need to investigate the diet of the snow-finch although quite where I’ll attract them to I’m unsure as yet, just hope I don’t see a ptarmigan which would be very lost!


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