Burnt offerings

The day after our jaunt to Deux Alpes was a little challenging. There is always extra work to do after a day off whilst we get the place back on track and this was no different. There was the general mess, although the guests had evidently tried and mostly succeeded in clearing up the 2 new large broken glasses, they’d even cleared up their empty bottles into the recycling bin, except that the bin can’t hold that much! This is despite their pleasure at the meal they’d enjoyed the evening before but all admitting that they’d drunk too much restaurant wine. I packed up 4 bottles of wine, 4 x 1L spirit bottles and at least 80 beer bottles into the large crate in which the food is delivered. This was after a difference of opinion with Roger when I’d originally felt that they should be asked to take their own empties to the recycling bins after we’d had to make an extra journey on Tuesday. So we were a bit later finishing but despite the sunshine, had no intention of skiing so there was no rush. When we’d finished we sorted out our flights to Canada!! Then left via the bin store with the normal rubbish and via stores with our ‘shopping list’ and carrying the 2 bags of our own clean washing. We made up the bed and hung up the washing and then walked back out into the sunshine to enjoy a galette and pichet of vin Blanc at the cafe from two days previously.

Top of 2 Alpes from ADH

Top of 2 Alpes from ADH

From our seats we could even see the top of Deux Alpes, the rounded snow-covered peaks at the top of the photo. It was so hot we didn’t even wear our coats which we’ve been living in since arrival. I wore a vest top under my big shirt and just picked up a scarf as we went out the door incase I was a little chilly. Haha, it was so warm I had to take off my top shirt but had forgotten my sun lotion.

We managed to obtain the deckchairs from our previous visit and were just discussing the pros and cons of doing another ski season (mostly cons!) when Roger asked if I’d switched off the oven? No, I’d finished the cake and put the sticky toffee pudding in on low prior to going to do the rooms. He’d part cooked the dauphinoise potatoes and left them in the oven, as usual. Neither of us recollected turning off the oven and he’d not taken the pudd out. It was now 3pm and the pudding had gone in at about 10am! We raced off down the piste in totally inappropriate footwear to find the potatoes relatively unharmed but the pudding not looking too great, rather sunk in the middle but fortunately had been in a low oven with some bacofoil over the top. We were mightily relieved but became aware that one of the guests was round the corner in the lounge. We’re not sure what he heard but just hope that he thought we were being extremely diligent coming back in the middle of the afternoon to check on the baking!! Tonight will reveal the extent of our mishap but lots of toffee sauce might disguise or compensate! 

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4 Responses to Burnt offerings

  1. Tim says:

    Great to hear about your adventures away from the village, sounded like a wild time. When do you finish in France and head off to Canada for your next adventure ? Keep well. Cheers 🙂

    • Gill Smith says:

      Hi Tim, it’s great to get your comments. We’re just finalising our arrangements for Canada and getting excited about the next step in our adventures. The end of season here is a little bit loose as it depends how long the snow lasts. We expect to be coming back to the UK somewhere between 20th and 30th of April and spend May catching up with everyone. Hope you’ll both be around then and not galavanting off somewhere yourselves.xx

  2. Cath says:

    Haha, great stories…..I am really enjoying your blog.(especially from the comfort of my own kitchen!)
    It’s amazing what a bit of toffee sauce can cover up, and I am so glad you didn’t have to make it again.
    I hope you get some more good skiing in, and I look forwards to the next exciting instalment…
    Love Cath xxxxxx

    • Gill Smith says:

      Hi Cath, great to hear from you. Can’t believe you’ve been gone over a month. You are in the best place, yours and Amy’s replacements didn’t last long! We have The Snowboxx festival here after this week, not sure what impact that’ll have but we can get discounted tickets, more details will follow on the blog. We’re finally doing the group wedding, Meg is organising the roles tonight in Undies. Hope you’re enjoying the relatively normal pace of life. xxx

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