We’re on the countdown to a massive change of life. There are only 2 months left before we head off to our new destination and journey and destination and journey etc. It is now common knowledge that we are leaving our respective workplaces. Each stage of announcement that we attain makes the prospect more real, not that it isn’t anyway but there’s no going back now. Or is there? I’ve only given notice of my notice which must be quite infuriating as it is neither one thing nor the other.

We are gradually completing the multitude of tasks. As ever though, there appeared to be plenty of time but on seeing ‘2 months’ in writing, our departure suddenly looks very imminent, bearing in mind what still needs to be accomplish. We are cracking on with divesting ourselves of our worldly excesses; car boot sales have been a revelation besides being reasonably lucrative. They are quite cathartic and addictive and to our knowledge, only 1 article has ‘disappeared’ in 4 sales. Each week it becomes easier to identify more and more items to sell and less and less of an emotional wrench to part with them which is surely excellent feng shui. Unfortunately we are just moving into the wrong season, despite this protracted summer and you really can’t display anything like as much at a table top sale.2014-09-14 10.59.21

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2 Responses to Countdown

  1. Roger Jackson says:

    And that’s only one table and a blanket!! Subsequent sales have been TWO tables, a blanket AND a clothes airer!!!

  2. Roger Jackson says:

    More pictures to follow!!

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