First training day

IMAG0543First day of training and we were taken up above the snowline to 2 000m. We had to turn out in full uniform as an inspection was included, despite spending the day sat in a lecture theatre. This meant digging out our navy trousers and black shoes from the bottom of the carefully and tightly packed cases where they had been secreted in order to keep in a good state until required for our first guests. Enquires had been made about the need for outdoor footwear and clothing but we were informed that it wasn’t necessary – haha! The morning temperature must have been subzero and the heavy ground frost was showing no signs of melting even as the sun started to hit it at 9am. Ski jackets would have been a significant improvement on our light shell tops as we wandered from building to building trying to locate the training centre in an errily deserted ski resort which will be heaving in the not too distant future. Fortunately by midday the air temperature was succumbing to the sun’s rays and we were able to enjoy our packed lunch basking and squinting in the absence of sunglasses. However this did mean that by the time we departed at 5pm despite the temperature dropping to just above zero, all the frozen ‘mud’ we had traversed in the morning was now a squelchy orange quagmire coating our pristine trousers and supposedly smart clean indoor shoes.IMAG0538

We did manage an opportunity at the end of the day to acquaint ourselves with our close colleagues as we were instructed to compile a video as an introduction to our chalets and resort – nieither of which we have seen yet. As this was the first opportunity we’d had to introduce ourselves little was produced and there appeared to be a distinct lack of enthusiasm for thespianism in our group. This idea had been triggered by the session on ‘social media’ which a few of us, more mature seasonaires, assumed would relate to the pitfalls of the same when photographed or videod in less than complementary or professional poses and actions in our uniforms. But no, the session was all about using social media to promote the company and out-do the competiton which I’d have to confess was a bit of a blur.

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4 Responses to First training day

  1. Jill says:

    Best of luck Guys I know you will do well and will have great fun at the same time

  2. Kerry says:

    Looks like you need some acting and presentation training.

    Wonder who would be good at that?!!

    I’m not expensive!!

  3. Nicky says:

    Hi Gill, sounds like you’re finding ur feet.

    It V cold here – but no snow, but its forecast for this weekend, but it will be British snow eg not v much and a bit slushy.

    Have fun, enjoyed the blog. Nicky

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