Last few days

Things are pretty hectic as we try to ensure we have completed everything. The departure day is approaching rapidly – 3 days left to finish getting organised! We are making progress though, Roger’s car has gone back, mine goes on Saturday after which we will be ‘wheeless’ for the first time since our late teens- feels very strange to lose that independence. His house has been completely emptied, decorated, cleaned and occupied by the first tenants. IMAG0525Mine has been stripped of all my lovely geegaws, the liking for which Ben doesn’t share, so they’ve been packed up into the loft along with some of my more valued items for safe-keeping. We are hopefully doing our last charity shop drop-off today, along with the final wash and ironing. Packing will start in earnest now that I have a little space in the spare room to spread out. The wills and powers of attorney are also to be completed when we’ve found somewhere to print out the 50 pages of documents as the printers have departed.

Still managing to squeeze in some final goodbyes as well. Roger left Birmingham on Monday after celebrating James’ birthday along with Joe which was quite a wrench; kids are meant to flee the nest, not the parents. I’m looking forward to a final farewell tonight where I’m meeting up with an old friend in Holmfirth and her new ‘beau’. The only problem is that she might not recognise me with new glasses sporting quite different frames and I acquired my cold climate functional haircut yesterday – short, very short! I should have sold off the shed tresses for hair extensions as the floor was carpeted with them.

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