Leaving ‘do’

DSCN1459It was Roger’s work leaving ‘do’ this weekend which marked another significant milestone although he doesn’t actually finish for another week. We attended a tribute night at a Birmingham hotel which had been a popular Christmas party venue previously. I’m not sure if it was the quality of the acts or the nature of the event but we had migrated through to the bar well before the close of proceedings. It was lovely to see all (bar a few) of his current staff as well as some of those DSCN1458who had already moved on and despite no obvious tears it must have been very flattering to hear the good wishes and thanks from them. I think breakfast may have been more emotional if it had not been for a number of delicate heads. But despite the reason for the function he will see them again this week so Friday may be a different matter.

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2 Responses to Leaving ‘do’

  1. steve chivers says:

    Yes it was a great night, and look forward to hearing more about your adventures and hopefully visiting you in France.

  2. Deeraj Kumar says:

    All the best Roger and Jill, I hope you can make my leaving do in December if not all the best for the future.

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