Leaving friends and colleagues

IMAG0516Whilst I had my final day at my current employment last week, my leaving ‘do’ was this week. I had a superb evening amongst some fabulous people, some of whom I had worked with for fifteen years. When I looked around the table at all the familiar faces laughing and having fun I realised what a close knit group were are. Maybe it is the nature of the work whereby we are dealing with such raw emotional reactions to the massive but uncontrollable life event of others which brings us so close together. I don’t think I shall I ever experience that closeness and teamwork to that extent again; I have been very fortunate but life moves on.leaving do

Thank you to everyone who came to see me off, I’m sorry that some of you were unable to make it but your thoughts and wishes are much appreciated. I think our new colleagues will be somewhat different and it may be a challenge to view them as such and not as surrogate children as they will primarily be of the age of ours and their friends. I’m sure we’ll be corrected if that becomes too overt. At the risk of repeating myself, you are an amazing group of people doing such a special job. It has been an absolute pleasure to work (& play) with you. I hope we keep in touch and will meet again in the future and whilst preferably not in a professional capacity, if necessary I would be very relieved.  Take care my friends.

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