New habits

We have just indulged another new habit. Whilst we’ve had some recent snow it hasn’t been of any significant depth so the piste conditions, by the time we’re out, are still pretty poor; we may have had the best of the skiing. So what to do instead? It seems a waste to not take advantage of this beautiful environment and in our little cave we cannot benefit from the glorious sunshine and magnificent vistas so we are spending more time more often at the ‘galette et pichet de vin blanc’ establishment (although Roger had a gaufres today -waffle).

My half eaten galette

My half eaten galette

Roger's gaufres

Roger’s gaufres

This is the cafe I’ve mentioned before with one of the many photos of him asleep in the deck chair. They have now been replaced by standard moulded plastic chairs but it is still a lovely spot and so warm, particularly if we can get a table at the back against the window. We’ve only had to be inside once which was rather nice as well. The sunshine is a mixed blessing; it certainly is lovely to sit (or ski) enjoying it’s warmth and brightness but those are not very compatible with good snow.

The views from here are stunning but we can also people-watch despite this being a quiet time, some times the centreville can resemble a ghost town at certain times of the day. The skiers and boarders are all up the hill so that leaves the local business people, non-skiers/boarders and the walking wounded. There is an array of splints, slings, crutches etc on display most days but also those who didn’t warrant external symbols who just limp, hobble or waddle along the road.

This cafe is just off the midstation of the yoghurt pots so it is rather difficult to avoid and we have no particular desire to do so. We did consider skiing today as it is so sunny but after 3 nights out this week we are a little tired. Monday we were out with our non-host colleagues in Undies, not our attire but short for Underground.IMAG0797 It wasn’t very busy so Dave, one of the band, was persuaded to come out from serving behind the bar and take up his guitar and entertained us single-handed for well over an hour and we climbed back to the flat about 1.30. The following night some of our guests wanted to know where the bar was so we obligingly agreed to show them! This was no hard task on 2 accounts; that we were happy to go back but also that we have delightful guests this week. Even last week’s turned up trumps as they left with all their hugs and thank yous but also one of our largest tips yet, so who feels guilty now?

This week we have a group of 6 comprising 3 couples with Oxford Uni as their alma mata; 2 groups of 4, one comprising 2 couples and one of 4 girls and finally a couple where she has been a chalet host and are visiting her brother who is also hosting here but for VIP ski. All of them are a pleasure to look after. Not only are they quite tidy, particularly after the meals, but also are very chatty and inclusive of us. In fact I almost had to drag Roger away from the Balvenie with which he was being plied by an army helicopter pilot and Ben Fogel look-alike, before we’d finished clearing up. They also seemed concerned that we are not eating with them and keep making us join them in a glass or 4 of wine. Last night we’d been provided with a different variety so they insisted we  helped in the tasting. Although I did notice that they waited for us to try it first or perhaps they were being exceptionally polite. One mark of appreciation is the amount of waste which can go in our favour if we’re a little hungry. However there are no canapés, aperitifs and very little starter, main or pudding left. Only a little cake remains as 4 of them have given up chocolate for Lent! I have noticed that all my after dinner chocolate truffles disappear each night despite this or someone’s helping out.

At least we looked forward to them on return after our day off but it was a struggle to drag ourselves out of bed Thursday morning. We’d had a totally indolent day on Wednesday, Roger only made it as far as the Spar over the road for emergency provisions (gluten-free bread to have with the smoked salmon scrambled eggs which I had to fry in butter as we have no toaster, grill or oven) but I made it to the bathroom and back! It is surprising nd contrary that when we are really busy in the chalet the time doesn’t fly, apart from changeover day and when we have a lazy day on our day off it certainly doesn’t drag, quite the opposite! It was wonderful to do so little particularly after calculating that we’d only have not worked on 20 days by the time we’ve finished this 5 month stint and not one of those days worked has been less than 8 hours, but upto 17 on changeover days. No wonder we are so tired.

I think I have realised part of the resentment to alarms alluded to previously. As we are woken from sleep by them twice a day (if we don’t ski) it is like having to get up in the morning twice as often. 5 times a week was bad enough but this can be up to 12 times in a single 7 day stretch, this accounts for a lot.

It is getting progressively warmer sat here as the clouds disperse completely and I’ve not brought my sun lotion again! We may have time for a snooze before the staff meeting later in the girls’ accom

The celubrious entrance to the girls' accomm

The salubrious entrance to the girls’ accomm

but may even try to stay awake as we have no plans to go out this evening. We did venture to Undies last night with the other guests who hadn’t joined us on Tuesday and were suitably entertained by the house band and plied with more rounds of complimentary shots  (our guests were impressed with our influence, we were impressed with a free evening as they kept buying us drinks in return!) We have inside info that we only have 11 guests next week -yippee! But do have some dietary needs and possibly children but with that number it already seems like a break. We may also receive more details about our departure which is planned for 24th April but subject to change if there is late snow. As things stand we will arrive back in the UK on 25th but not sure quite where!

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  1. Tim says:

    Pleased to see you are eating sensibly and keeping hydrated, it must be a shock for everything to go back to what looks like grey on the photos from the lovely clean whiteness. Your plans for Canada sound exciting, shall watch city slickers to see what you are letting yourselves in for. Happy Easter xx

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