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So, Canada! What are our plans? We fly to Edmonton via Rekjavik (only an hour and a half there) on 1st June from Gatwick. We arrive early evening and will probably be catching the 12.30am Greyhound bus taking us to Hinton for 4.30am, not the most suitable time but that’s the only bus of the day. Brenda and Ray will pick us up to go to U Bar ranch near Grande Cache, Alberta (altho’ not at that time, they’re looking into somewhere for us to hangout until they arrive). Hinton is the nearest town and about an hour and a half away. The ranch has guided trail rides and breeds and show reining horses (western riding). Jobs will include animal care, general maintenance and housekeeping and looking after tourists. We will be staying a walled tent with a wood burning stove so that should prove interesting! They are prepared to give us some riding lessons as well. Board and lodging is in return for our basic 25 working hours, which after this season will be a doddle. We need to confirm specifics but broadly these are the workaway terms with local adjustments such as riding lessons. However the hours include cooking meals etc which, if you eat with the hosts, wouldn’t really seem like work, just life.

For July and August we will be with Gaylene in Langley, British Columbia, near the coast, towards Vancouver, at a 20 acre wetsern reining breeding farm, who currently have 15 horses. They are asking for general house and yard work as well as animal care so we should be quite horse proficient by the end of these 3 months and hopefully better riders.

Finally (for now) in September we will be going to a cattle farm in Sashcatchwan where Brenda has 70 cows and calves, several horses, goat, llama, donkey, sheep and cats and dogs. Again general help around the ranch and with the animals. We will also be able to go fishing and there is a boat available for such.

We plan to be back in the UK in November before embarking on the next chapter of our adventure/ extended working holiday. But we haven’t finished this one yet. We have Snowboxx here next week but are not too sure what impact that will have, then the wedding the following week, friends coming out the week after and then probably our final week and close down. It won’t be dull.

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