Things are beginning to improve. A couple of objective markers are that we have an extra 15 mins in bed in the morning! We’ve been able to advance the alarm from 6.15 to 6.30 and may  even be able to knock another 15 mins off yet! Also we are both able to do our belt buckles up another notch, easily. This is quite an achievement considering the amount of cream, butter and sugar that goes into all the food. One of the advantages of being so busy is that we rarely have time (or inclination – not that there’s anything wrong with it) to eat it and really don’t fancy a meal at 10pm.

Our fitness levels are improving which is probably due to both acclimatising to the altitude and all the ascents we have to make, whether the 3 flights of stairs within the chalet or all the hills we have to climb, particularly that last one at night back to the flat. We aren’t taxing ourselves too much with the skiing, sometimes due to lack of opportunity but also our technique is improving, resulting hopefully, in less effort and more relaxation. We had a fantastic afternoon out on Thursday, the snow was still fresh, the sun shone and the slopes were almost deserted. I was a bit tentative initially but after a couple of runs down a favourite blue felt ready to tackle familiar reds where we had an amazing time until other people started to get in the way. By this time we were ready for our chocolate chauds et frites and were still back in time to serve our guests their earlier meal (their request).

IMAG0634These guests leave at 7.30am tomorrow which is remarkably civilised compared to other weeks and our next group arrive en mass at 1pm; 16 males, 1 party! This could certainly go either way. Our departees have, on the whole, been a nice group. Roger wondered if we make a rod for our own back by being too obliging initially so by mid week some are beginning to take advantage. This group are used to staying in a platinum chalet so we joked initially about them having to slum it with us but a couple seem to think we should provide that level of service and others don’t seem to think that they may be in the way by sitting at the table at 7am practising their number for the last night cabaret (oh yes!) when we’re trying to set up breakfast or asking for a pan of water and a ring to reheat hand warmers at 5 past 8, when everything is going full tilt for cooked breakfasts and porridge etc! But on the whole they’ve not been bad and some have been particularly nice and I’m not going to criticise anyone who didn’t want their room cleaned all week!

So we’ll see what tomorrow brings with our next party and fresh snow. Hopefully not the transfer chaos of a couple of weeks ago.

Ice skating on snow

Ice skating on snow

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4 Responses to Progress

  1. Tim says:

    Pleased you’re back in the saddle Gill. Hooray to Roger for his sterling solo efforts, what a trooper. Excellent writing too, great read.

  2. Nicky Rowswell says:

    Sounds much more positive, hope u r back is now fully back to normal,. Roger is a bit of a hero.

    Really enjoy reading about your new life, it’s just ‘same old’ here.


  3. Gill Smith says:

    Lovely to read your comments and know that we’re still in touch with people. Thanks and we do appreciate your comments however brief, it is reassuring to know that you’re out there! xx

  4. Carole H says:

    It’s all a good read. Bad luck with the fall. Not surprised it’s hard work but as I expected you are getting more and more organised. Life will be so easy after this.. In the middle of our bathrooms being redone so chaos here too plus lots of snow! Boston was good but cold.

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