After Thursday’s winds Friday was a glorious day despite the forecast which predicted a mere 70km wind but fortunately inaccurately. The guests shook off their frustration and headed out fairly early so we cracked on and got out ourselves about 12.30. We took the scare chair to one our favourite but quite low areas called Auris primarily because as the forecast is for 10 days of sunshine and above zero temperatures we may not get there again unless we get another good dump. As it is now March (where did the time go?) it is possible that it won’t happen at this altitude.

We decided to get out again today, Saturday, as we certainly won’t tomorrow with change over (single party of 16 arriving at 12.10 aargh – we’ll be sorry to see these guys go as they’ve been really nice and very tidy!) and by Monday the snow may be receding rapidly. The route back to the chalet is getting very slushy even now and the bench and bin outside by the play area are getting exposed. IMAG0747That is the back of the bench in the right foreground which had been entirely covered and far left you can just see the bin emerging, complete with December’s rubbish. This does show that the snow is still quite deep in places so we have to be careful to stick to the routes across the areas which we have developed over the weeks by compressing the under-snow. If you step off this hidden pathway you can find yourself knee deep in snow which comes over the top of your boots. It’s a bit like knowing the safe route through a marsh or bog.

We manged to be on the slopes for 11.30 this morning, a record! But unfortunately the sky had decided to cloud over through the course of the morning despite the forecast (on which we know we shouldn’t rely). We went out anyway and even descended our least favourite slope – its North facing and always icey but it means we don’t have to take our skis off for quite a while – which takes us to our most favourite area. The lack of sunshine did make the light very flat and potentially quite dangerous as we couldn’t really see the undulations etc so after a couple of runs decided to go for our regular at Signal. Thought I’d post a photo of it so you can see our usual haunt.

Signal cafe/restaurant

Signal cafe/restaurant


In a moment of madness we blew the bar takings on 2 portions of chips! We run an honesty bar which has been reasonably well received all season until this week when they’ve nearly drunk us dry but that’s what’s for. As we sat the sun finally managed to break through as it had been threatening to do all afternoon so we set off for a bit more skiing, just one more run down Signal, then another one, and then several more. It was great, the snow was soft, the piste deserted and the queues non-existent, what more could we ask for? Finally we did concede that we were getting a bit tired so called it a day, a lovely day.


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2 Responses to Sunshine

  1. Cath says:

    Hi Gill and Roger,
    I am glad you managed a good days skiing on Saturday, and hope your new guests have settled in.
    I can’t believe its a month since I left, it’s been really busy here and I have only just got round to visiting your blog…..I think it’s the first one I have seen, it’s rather good.
    I have had a quick read and it’s funny hearing all the familiar place names, and about the routines all of which seem a bit of a dream now.
    Its been good to hear how you have been getting on. I hope you get another snowfall before the end of the season,
    Love Cath xx

  2. ️Mandy says:

    Hi Gill and Roger
    The photos are fab and give us a real sense of being with you both on your adventure…
    It sounds as though just as you get to finish and come home, you will have mastered the challenges of the job and got everything ticking over quite nicely??!
    A lot seems to depend on the dynamic within of the group of house guests, as to how enjoyable the experiences of that week are…(a bit like shifts at work I guess!)
    The scenery looks amazing but are you craving greenery and the countryside back home yet?…at least when you come back it will be in full bloom and hopefully much warmer too 🙂
    It’s not long now before you are back so I need to sort out a venue for my birthday drinks so (fingers crossed) you can plan around it…
    Got to fly… clients waiting…have fun out there xx

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