Windfall gains

Each changeover day we wonder what our stash will be. One man’s rubbish etc. For example this week, from the rooms, we obtained a very nice but too small pair of ski gloves, some shaving foam (very useful for Roger) some face cream and shower gel, so not very exciting. However by the time we’d finished sweeping the rest of the chalet the bag also included a litre bottle of Glenmorangie, (given as part of their thank you) and most of a litre bottle of Baileys which was only remembered to have been left on the balcony as they were alighting the coach so kindly donated, those were an added bonus. We also acquired several part bottles of tonic/lemonade/ginger ale which are very much appreciated as we get very thirsty. We have also added 2 nuns costumes (see previous post) and a set of ipod speakers so all in all its been a surprisingly good week after a slow start. This is in addition to a decent tip and lovely thank you card signed  by all the guests.IMAG0780

p.s. found all the missing pen lids in the ex-snowman pile! They’d all disappeared one week and in retrospect it will have been the same week as the snowman appeared. Guilty as charged.

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